Frequently Asked Questions

How is Social Media a sales tool?

Social Media is all about lead generation, a “top-of-the-funnel” marketing effort. This means it is effective at getting more prospects visiting your website, where they can learn more about your products and make their purchases. Plus, following essential social media customer service best practices is vital to supporting your consumer base and retaining them long term.

I know I (or my business) has to be on social media… but why not take care of it myself?

That would be great if you can spare time from growing your business and enjoying your personal life to create content and engage with your audience 24x7. Social Media is not a trend anymore, it’s a necessity. Represent yourself professionally, create solid content, make sure to post at least four times a week and reply to all comments and DMs. Or hire us and work on your world domination plan.

So what exactly does PostingBee do?

Think about having a full social media management team working for you; that includes a creative team, with a graphic designer and a copywriter. We work with you, your vision in order to create your customized content. We can do the whole thing, from teaching you how to do everything on your own to going to events, taking pictures, posting and analyzing data. We get as involved as you want.

I am not sure of what I need? Can we chat first before I select a plan?

Absolutely, you can Schedule a Free Discovery Call with us to see if we would be a great fit to work together! If you want to see an overview of our marketing plans, learn more here.