Rebranding can be cool

Gasmoney Studios, in Denver

Gasmoney Studios, in Denver

Why are we moving strictly to content creation? Because of our powerful research capabilities--that's where our experience and expertise is. We want to focus on our powerful skills--marketing copy, full creation of social media posts, and social media management--because we prefer a small portfolio with big results for you, our clients.

And why are we rebranding? We are creating a new niche and giving ourselves a new facelift, in order to strengthen PostingBee’s brand message and to allow it to evolve and grow. Doing everything the way it has “always been done” doesn’t promote change, and without change, growth cannot occur. One-size-fits-all just doesn’t apply in the best business practices, and it’s vital to brand our business to reach and unite with the right clientele.

Our new logo contains some deeply rooted hidden meanings. Those 6 cute honeycombs represent the essence of our brand identity:

Work Ethic






With attention spans shortening (thanks, social media), you’ve got to devote more work to hook your readers, clients, and followers. And for that reason, we are calling ourselves Content Creators from now on, and our jam is, well, creating content for your social media channels, websites, and whatever other marketing needs you have. We want you to know that we are a group of highly engaged professionals whose passion is to make your success a reality by understanding what the superpower of your business is. We will ask questions and scour—not just read, but scour—the internet for your industry news and trends, in order to create outstanding content for your business’s needs.

 So we are no longer just a “boutique marketing agency”—we are so much more. PostingBee is about social media content creation. We are committed to providing more focus, structure, plot and character development, and different tone of voice to tell the story of your business in ways to entice your readers, clients, and followers to keep coming back for more. Let us be part of your business’s story.

Written by Adriana Giorgetti on a Saturday afternoon. Ready to work with us? Let’s chat!