Time To Rebirth

Crema Coffeehouse, in Denver.

Crema Coffeehouse, in Denver.

I created Posting Bee, LLC, in 2015 with the intention of helping, learning, and growing together with other local small businesses by working on their online presence and storytelling, and that I did. I’ve worked with clients in all sorts of industries: book writers, realtors, fitness professionals, influencers, retail shop owners, and athletes, to name a few. And I loved how these experiences distilled lessons into clear takeaways, the kind that celebrate growth and gratitude. But it’s time to change, and, like I tell my own clients, time to use your secret superpower. And PostingBee’s superpower is the ability to listen, to adapt, and to be reborn.

 I remembered what motivated me to start my own business nearly 5 years ago. There were many reasons, but one of the primary factors was that I was motivated by my own negative experiences when I worked for corporations, where the culture was dominated by people whose only motivations were their own profits and how they could continue to dominate, who had no appreciation for, or understanding of, my value as a professional and as a human being. I wanted my business to be the antithesis of that: I want the people with whom I work to know that they and their experiences are valuable to me and that they are more than just potential profit numbers.

But being a business owner also has its own set of challenges. Since founding PostingBee, I have heard the word “no” many times; I have worked with horrible professionals; I have been deceived. I have had a communications “expert” tell me that words were his currency, all while he was behaving in such terrible and unethical ways behind the scenes. Anyone in any business runs into this type of misbehavior and lack of professionalism. Those types of people in business lure potential clients with the promise of flashy advertising and marketing plans, offering exaggerated experiences, and then leave those clients less than satisfied, often from poor planning and lack of attention to detail.

Struggling through my own experiences with people like that in business gave me a lot of power and taught me some valuable lessons, and, because of that particular experience, I, as a business owner, learned a lot about my own values, limitations, and strengths. And it has motivated me to recreate PostingBee to be the cure for these negative experiences.

Adriana Giorgetti is the the founder and owner of PostingBee. To know more about her career on Linkedin.