One way is not the only way


Organic reach might have its days numbered, but does that mean the end of social media for businesses?

Answer is, not really.

Yes, the makers of Facebook and Instagram don’t want your business to be able to reach your target market. Therefore, you have to pay to access this privilege. But in reality, social media platforms are in the business of advertising, so it’s not surprising that it’s getting harder to grow an organic following without paying them. They are doing everything they can to hinder free and organic growth.

But because I am optimistic (and because I read and research a lot every day), I believe the end is not near, but we do have to adapt. What I tell my clients is yes, they want your money, and yes, you still get to have a strong online presence. However, think of social media as a way for you and your business to connect with people, to tell a story, to engage with real potential users of your goods and services, to have a customer service that really works, instead of exclusively trying to promote your business.

When I am working with a client, I am thinking strategically about what his/her audience wants to see, instead of how many likes the post will get. I want to know these people, instead of counting the follows. I precisely consider all demographics, psychographics, location, interests, and behavior, and then I close my eyes. I imagine them scrolling down their social media feed and I think about what will make them stop and pay attention to that specific post. And I also consider that usually, when people are on social media, they don’t want to be marketed to. They want to be entertained. Period.

Shortly, your organic potential growth on Instagram will end gradually, but, hopefully, there is hope for those who are willing to change their mindsets in regards to content creation. Consider that Instagram is still the best social media platform to build meaningful relationships with your audience and that adaptation is necessary, just like in many marketing strategies around. We at PostingBee are happy content creators, fast adapters, and our number one obsession (ish) is to build organic relationships with your audience. How? Schedule a free Discovery Call with us and let’s bring your social media plan to the next level--despite the fact that C-level Instagram executives don’t want you to.