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Meet Julia Sanderson

She smiles when most are crying.

She smiles when most are crying.

Julia is our copywriter and content editor and we love her Diana Price spirit. She loves giving copy that extra "pop" and racing triathlons is her side job. Here is a little bit more about this rockstar:

Introduce yourself, honey.
Julia Sanderson, Jupiter, FL, copywriter, 2 teenage boys

Define success
Success is loving who you are.

Biggest pet peeve in the industry
Misuse of apostrophes #wordnerd

How do you create engaging copy for social media?
I study my client and the client's vision and products. A LOT. Then I try to find their voice to talk to the customers they want.

Who would you like to work with for a day?
J. K. Rowling. Her imagination and the way she has been able to touch so manypeople with her writing is just astounding from someone who was once a struggling single mother.

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